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Three Lines for Three Occasions








The Bayou Bowties Story

Dashing Style. Deep Tradition.

           Years ago, my grandfather, Lucius D. McGehee, Sr., started his own poultry business called McGehee’s Golden Fryer.  He worked hard and paid his employees fairly, even when it left him without a paycheck.  For him, successful business was not just about making money; it was rooted in integrity above all.  Even as his business expanded and grew more and more prosperous, he would always encourage his family to remember from where their blessings came.  One of these blessings was a large stretch of hunting property called Spring Bayou.  This is where we join the story.  This land and Granddaddy’s values are what give Bayou Bowties our Deep Tradition.  Still in the family over 50 years later, Spring Bayou is where my fascination with alligators began.  I harvested my first gator at the age of 11 and have looked forward to the annual family gator hunt ever since.  Over the years, relatives have made a variety of items from the spoils from boots to briefcases, but never bowties.  Having always been keen on neckties and bowties, I began looking for ways to connect my appreciation for stylish accessories with these audacious excursions.  In making a specialty bowtie, it was important to me to make a design that was tie-able—something rare amongst unique bowties.  Here at Bayou Bowties, we make items for those who challenge norms while remaining uncannily classy.  We give careful consideration to the details: from wooden buttons that adjust the neck size to the custom-patterned, organic cotton satin that backs each leather face.  We source products of integrity and seek to treat our valued customers like family.  To us, just like they were to Granddaddy, the smallest things are some of the most important.  You can call us old-fashioned, but that’s just the way we do things.

-Andrew McGehee

Owner and Designer


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